Keep a Safe Home

Home is a place of refuge and comfort. However, a majority of falls occur within the home.

You can do something now:

Throw out throw rugs. Rugs are more of a hazard than a help.

Check the edges of carpet. Place double sided tape on the under surface of raised areas.

Clear a path Designate a path for walking and keep it free of any objects such as books, baskets or shoes. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary furniture but let someone know if you need help. Watch out for pets and pet toys.

Stay on the bright path Turn on lights before walking. Place additional lighting and/or nightlights in areas that are not well lit or that do not have easy access to a light switch.

Keep stairways safe Remove all objects. Make sure you have access to hand rails. Additional lighting near stairs may aid in proper foot placement.

Keep things at your level Store the items you use most often at waist level.

Install grab bars in bathroom (toilet and shower). See how to install grab bars.

Do not let outdoor hazards keep you from enjoying Kentucky's natural beauty. Look at this Outdoor safety checklist to help you with safety outdoors.

Know your meds
Certain medications or combinations of medications (prescription AND over-the-counter medications) can increase the risk of falling.
Being informed about the medications and the amount of medications you or your loved one take can ensure an independent, active lifestyle!

You Can Do Something Now:
Educate yourself on which medications or combination of medications can increase a risk of falling. Find out what medications increase risk of falling.

Make a list of all the medications (over-the-counter and prescription) you or your loved one are taking and keep it updated. Download and use this form to make your medication list.

Do not stop or change the dosage of any medicine without talking to your pharmacist and doctor.

Talk with your pharmacist and doctor about your medications and how you want to prevent a fall. Download and take this brochure with you to help you talk with your pharmacist or doctor.

See Clearly
Vision helps people see and explore this beautiful world. Our vision tends to diminish with age which can lead to some problems.
Fortunately, you or your loved one can keep your vision in top shape by following these easy steps!

You Can Do Something Now:
Have your eyes checked at least once a year by an eye doctor.
Wear glasses and keep them clean! Wear sunglasses to reduce glare outside.

Stay still and let your eyes adjust when going from light to dark or dark to light areas.

Keep a Safe Home. Here are some important tips!

Find an optometrist or opthamologist to look at your vision. Look here if you're not sure of the difference between the two. Need to find an optometrist? Find an optometrist close to your home.

Start Small Now
Here are some easy things that you or your loved one can do now to stay off the ground!Get Up and Move your way towards an active lifestyle. Try walking every morning, joining a dance class, gardening, playing horseshoes, anything that gets you or your loved one up and moving. Even if it's something small...doing something is better than doing nothing.

Get More Vitamin D! Not getting enough of the "sunshine" vitamin has been linked with falls. It can be difficult to get Vitamin D if you don't go out much. Ask your health care provider about supplementation and continue to eat rich sources of calcium foods.

Example: Fortified cereals, fruit juices, dark green leafy vegetables, and canned fish with soft bones.

Drink Water throughout the day. Also, use the toilet on a regular basis to prevent rushing to the bathroom which can cause falls.

Take Care Of Your Feet so you can get around.

Keep feet clean and dry.

Cut your nails.

Check for Bunions, Corns, Calluses and Warts.

If you have trouble bending over, use a mirror to help see your feet.
Stand Up Slowly when getting up from a seated position.
Get up slowly when getting out of bed in the morning. Dangle your legs over the side of the bed for a few moments before standing up.

What To Do If You Fall
If you happen to fall. It's OK. Just remember these steps you can take to recover from a fall.

What To Do:
Stay calm and relax. Take five deep breaths and clear your nerves.
See if you're hurt before you move.
If you're NOT hurt:

Video: How To Get Up From A Fall Pictures and instructions: How to get up from a fall If you're hurt: ask someone for help or call 911. If you're alone, try to get into a comfortable position and wait for help to arrive.

Let your doctor know about your fall. Download and print this brochure and use it to help you when talking with your doctor.


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