Sanders-Brown to offer free memory check-ups

What is a memory  check-up?

A memory check-up consists of a twenty to thirty minute evaluation of your memory.  We offer these free screenings to persons age 65 and older. You will complete two separate short tests that research has shown are helpful in picking up early memory problems.  It is important to identify memory and thinking problems early because current medicines work best when given at early stages of disease.  Sanders-Brown researchers are working on identifying ways to prevent or cure diseases such as Alzheimer’s. However, currently we are not able to stop Alzheimer’s disease or reverse the effects but we can prolong the time when the person is functioning well.

Completion of the memory check-up does not provide a diagnosis but might suggest the need for further follow-up.  Testing results can be shared with your primary care physician for additional follow-up or you may choose to be followed at the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.  Our goal is to reach out to those people who think they may be having memory problems and if they are having problems link them with the best care possible. 

Are there any risks associated with a memory screening?

Some people become anxious or upset if they don’t feel like they are doing very well on the tests but this is very rare. These brief tests are set up to have easier and harder tasks so few people have a perfect score.

What are the benefits of having your memory screened?

Having your memory checked can provide assurance that according to these screening measures your thinking and memory are fine.  The testing also provides a good baseline score to compare future test performance to see if there are changes in your memory as you age. If your scores are below the expected range, we can help you act quickly to get appropriate services and find out what is causing the problem.  Some causes for changes in memory and thinking are reversible. Just because a person is having memory and thinking problems does not necessarily mean they have a form of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. 

When and where are the Memory Screenings held?

Memory check-ups are held the third Tuesday of every month at the Polk Dalton clinic located at 217 Elm Tree Lane from 9:30 until 12:30.  The clinic is on the corner of Third and Elm Tree lane right across from the Lyric theatre.  Parking is available next to the clinic. Upcoming Fall 2012 dates  are October 16, November 20, and December 18.

Is there a cost associated with this screening?

No, this is a free service to the community by the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Sanders-Brown Center on Aging.

Who should I contact if I am interested in a memory screening?

If you are interested in a memory screening or simply wanting to learn more about this service you can call me, Tyler Schnieders at the Sanders Brown Center on Aging at 859-323-6316.


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