Time To Get Back In Routine

I have been off slightly here lately due to several personal things, but now it is time to get back in the old routine!

We had a few shots of snow over the weekend and early Monday morning. There will be some change coming to this forecast over the next several days. All those wonderful temps that we have seen a couple of times here lately will be back for another run.

The cold air will stay tough over the next day or so and then we'll begin to see a break in the chill! That break first arrives on Wednesday. We'll find highs in the low to mid 40s that afternoon. The next few days will look like a set of stairs. Thursday should hit near 50 and then by the weekend highs near 60 and beyond!

As most of us have heard all of our lives "March Weather" will truly live and breath this year. This week will feature a dip early and then a big spike into the weekend. Almost like climbing up one of the big hills on a rollercoaster. Then next week appears to take another dip in a hurry. It's just beyond my 7-Day, but it is out there for mid to late next week! That's where we find ourselves on the back side of the first big hill in this rollercoaster ride that we know as March!

I'l have more details coming over the next few days!

Posted by: Lona Location: Letcher County
Love your Blog. My husband calls you Jim Bob. When it's time for the weather he tells me Jim Bob is on. I hope the snow misses us again. Well it didn't completly miss us the last time but we did not get as much as most did. I hope the 1-3" is just 1". We are watching the weather at least 4x's an hour and hoping it changes for the best. Catch you later, Jim Bob

Lona... Jim Bob will work with me! It's better than what I get called after a missed forecast! haha... I have been called Jim Bob a million times!

Posted by: Michele Location: Floyd
Still no updates? It's Saturday night, getting close to midnight. 2 Questions: Why do we get different forecasts using different sources, though they all come from Jackson? Why isn't YMT on, on the weekends anymore? This website is not always current or if it is...I can't find it with all the things on the site. Too jumbled and searches don't usually work. I usually just get so frustrated that I can't find what I'm looking for, I just close it down. :-(

Michele... I was, unfortunately, a little tied up with personal issues so I didn't get back over here to update the blog. As for your questions...

  1. Why do we get different forecasts using different sources, though they all come from Jackson? Just think of meteorologists as a team of Doctors. In no way do I have the knowledge that a medical doctor has... so I am not saying I am smart! What I am saying is that we all diagnose the atmosphere and go with what we think will happen. True... we all look at the same data, but each of us will have a different opinion. Just like seeking a second opinion from a doctor after he/she makes a diagnosis.
  2. Why isn't YMT on, on the weekends anymore? This website is not always current or if it is...I can't find it with all the things on the site.  Unfortunately, I am not the person to answer this set of questions. email  neil.middleton@wymtnews.com for the answers to this question!

Posted by: nancy Location: east,ky.
jim, how long will it be before your back on the air? my daughter and i enjoy your way of explaining the weather. rob does a pretty good job, but my little girl thinks your awesome. i like the way you break the weather down into dummy terms. it makes the weather easier to understand. well, til next time, ill be praying for snow. see ya later jim.

Nancy... I appreciate you guys looking for me! I try to make the forecast as simple as possible, but trust me it can be extremely complicated to understand it all. I just think of how I would like to be told and explain it that way. The last thing I want is for someone to have to stop watching to have to go look at a dictionary to see what the heck I was talking about! Every once in a while I will slip into that and try to quickly get back out of that habit.

Posted by: Julie Location: KY
Good grief people, give the man some time to breath..he does have to have some days off...wonder what the weather is doing...LOOK OUTSIDE..give the man a break!!

Julie... all I have to say is THANK YOU!

Posted by: Joe Location: Letcher Co.
Im not weatherman but a weather junky for a hobby. I look at all the maps, graphs,nam all those things, Myself figured by all the data the models where trending for a decent shot of snow. myself posted earlier on this topic that looks like north 80 would get more then letcher co on saturday figured everyone would see 1-2 inches at least. Models are Models and sometimes there not right and sometimes they are, Everyone in the weather community figured on some more snow but sometimes especially in these kinda storms there tricky. Jim does a great job!!! He also has a life instead of blogging, Keep up the good work jim and dont let the negative comments knock you down cause you dont get paid im sure to stay at home at 12 at night to blog on here

Joe... Do you want to post for me when I am away? LOL You really must love weather to go through what I get paid to go through... thanks Joe and make sure you keep posting right here. This will keep me and the rest of us straight!

C-Ya Bye


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