WYMT Poll: More than 91% support Christmas tree

A recent WYMT on-line poll shows more than 91% of those responding believe the Governor should call the state’s holiday tree a “Christmas” tree. Less than 3% prefer holiday tree and nearly 6% don’t care.

A recent WYMT on-line poll shows more than 91% of those responding believe the Governor should call the state’s holiday tree a “Christmas” tree. Less than 3% prefer holiday tree and nearly 6% don’t care.
This poll is not a scientific sample of public opinion. It simply represents the opinions of the 767 people that voted in the poll.
Results: Do you think the Governor's administration should call it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?
Poll Results:
Christmas Tree - 91.7%  
Holiday Tree - 2.5%  
Doesn’t matter - 5.9%  
Total Responses - 767
This poll was taken before the Governor’s administration reversed its earlier position and decided to call it a Christmas tree after all.
This debate has generated hundreds of comments on our web channel. Most are in favor of the phrase “Christmas” tree.

Here are just a few of your comments.
Halyn in Somerset wrote:  Keep the Christmas tree off of state property.
Tom in Eastern Kentucky wrote:  Hayln, You say keep the Christmas tree off state property. Well, we the taxpayers own the state property and recent polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans and Kentuckians profess to be Christians. Therefore, we, the majority, should be able to decide if the state calls it a Christmas tree or a holiday tree. It's our property and the Governor and everyone on his staff works for us. If he doesn't abide by the majorities wishes, then we can vote him out of office in a couple of years, which is exactly what we will do.

Ann in Lexington wrote:  To Hayln from Somerset......Since when is putting up a CHRISTMAS TREE advocating any particular religion? When you go to Wal-Mart do you protest to them as to where their Menorah or Kinara's are. I would guess no!! I bet you are the first one out the door to take Christmas off (which by the way is a state holiday) from work, and I bet you don't complain one bit about it. No matter what you or the Governor call it, it is still a Christmas tree!!! You can pre-tend to say it is a Holiday tree or a palm tree for all I care. But guess what......it is still a Christmas tree....and deserves to be called that. I guess since we fly a American Flag at Federal Buildings we should fly all other Countries Flags as well. I mean we wouldn't want to advocate any Country over ours would we???

Tom in Eastern Kentucky wrote: Gov. Beshear is the person making this a political issue. I voted for him, but will not if he runs for a second term. This is KY, not CA or NY. We believe in God and the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. We celebrate the birth of Jesus with a CHRISTMAS TREE, not a holiday tree! Our governor needs to rethink his decision for the image of our state and for his own political career. This is one democrat family that will not continue to support him.

Life long Democrat in Bell County:  The term "holiday tree" is not only offensive, but also inappropriate. The Christmas tree is part of the Christmas tradition. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and is a Christian holiday. It is not a celebration of the birth of Buddha or Mohammed. Neither is it associated with any other religion. Should the Hanukkah Menorah be called the 'holiday menorah?" Maybe the Feast of Ramadan should be called the "holiday feast." Governor Brashear, call it what it is - a Christmas tree.

 Mary Beth in Pikeville wrote:  Why do we as Americans continue to let the minority dictate how our country is run? Like it or not this country became great because we were founded on CHRISTian beliefs. We are still a CHRISTian nation and to many good men and women have died for us to have the freedoms that we are so carelessly allowing to be taken away from us. We are a CHRISTian nation, and we speak the English language. If you don't like it, please feel free to take advantage of another one of our freedoms. The freedom to leave! I think it's way past time that our so called "Leaders" of this nation find some backbone and stand up for what is right. Personally I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I'm not.

Tim in Pikeville wrote: I think I have heard it all now!! The government is slowly TRYING to strip it's people of all that is important to us and our families. They are slowly trying to re-program our minds to believe as some other countries believe! Is Thanksgiving going to be the Holiday Bird! Wake up America … stand UP for what you believe. Remember you crawled before you walked and this is what is happening here. They are crawling, DON'T give them the chance to WALK!!

Lucy in Letcher County wrote:Who really cares what they name the stupid tree. Christmas isn't about tree's for Christian's. It's about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. The Nativity is the symbol of Christmas to me. And we already know that they won't put one out. So who really cares? Not me. Some talk about Christianity as a myth. Well I'm going to tell you how I feel about that too. I would rather live my life believing in Christ and die to find out there isn't a Christ than to live my life as though there was no Christ only to die and find out there is. So stop fighting over a tree and realize what the true symbol of Christmas is to us Christians.

James in Letcher County wrote: I agree with the governor. All faiths have to be accounted for when you are putting a symbol up in public. This country was based on the freedom of religion. All faiths have to be recognized. One is as good as the other. Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Get over it people. He is not taking Christ out of Christmas. He is trying to say that all religions are as good as the other. Freedom is the key thing here people. He is trying to give it to us all, not take it away. Open your eyes to the big picture and quit being so narrow minded. This kind of thinking is why this state is so backward.
Ken in Pikeville wrote: Maybe our Governor realizes it's not his job to ram one religion's myth and superstition down everyone's throats to the exclusion of all the others. And I love pagan trees no matter who steals the idea!

Janice in Perry County wrote: 'TRYING TO BE TOO POLITICAL CORRECT.' Calling the CHRISTMAS tree a hoilday tree is an insult to the Christian community-that like calling the Menorah just a set of holiday candles. Have respect for ones religious symbols. Pagans may have used a decorated tree in their celebrations BUT the CHRISTMAS tree was started in 16 century Germany as a symbol-LIFE in winter, LIGHT in darkness, HOPE for the coming year- same as the infant JESUS'S birth
Smokezilla in P-Ville wrote: This is a non-issue that does nothing but get in the way of real problems in this state. Who cares??? We have kids going hungry because their parents are too messed-up on pills to see that they are being fed, people unemployed, an education system that ranks near the bottom of the barrel, and more problems than I could fit in this comment. . . The name we give a stupid tree is NOTHING in comparison! Take some of the energy we are using to voice outrage over this nonsense and direct it toward something substantial.
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I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

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