Conway ad slams Grayson and Paul, ignores Mongiardo

State Attorney General Jack Conway launched his first television ad in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate. The ad targets the two main contenders in the Republican Primary, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul. It does not mention Conway’s chief Democratic Opponent, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo.

State Attorney General Jack Conway launched his first television ad in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate.  The commercial is running this week in the Lexington and Louisville television markets, including WYMT-TV.  

The ad targets the two main contenders in the Republican Primary, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul.   Both Republicans backed Senator Jim Bunning’s filibuster against extending unemployment benefits. Bunning wanted Congress to use unspent stimulus money to pay for the benefits rather than increasing the nation’s deficit spending.

The commercial does not mention Conway’s chief Democratic Opponent, Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo.  Here is Jack Conway’s ad.


Conway’s chief opponent in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate, Daniel Mongiardo, is expected to start running his first commercial later today. 

Grayson and Paul exchanged attack ads last week in a debate over their support of coal.  You can watch both ads here.

Republican Bill Johnson aired his first television commercial back in December.  The ad focuses on a strong national defense.

Here is Bill Johnson’s ad.

The campaigns have kept the in-box full with News Releases this week.  Here are just a few.

Jack Conway

LOUISVILLE – The campaign of Jack Conway, Democratic candidate for the United State Senate, will begin airing its first television advertisement today.

The 30-second ad, which airs on broadcast stations in the Lexington and Louisville media markets, highlights Conway's positive record of results as Kentucky's Attorney General. It also highlights the staunch support Both Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, the leading Republican candidates in the Senate race, have thrown behind retiring junior senator Jim Bunning's appalling decision to block an extension of unemployment benefits. Bunning finally abandoned his blockage late Tuesday amidst pressure from colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

Conway today renewed his call for Grayson and Paul to renounce their support of Bunning. In a statement, Conway called Bunning and the GOP candidates, "completely out of touch with the economic needs of Kentucky workers and families," because of their stand against the unemployment benefit renewal.

Below is a complete transcript of the ad. To view the ad, go to the Conway campaign website.

Jim Bunning used to be a great pitcher.

Now he's throwing high and wild, hitting working families where it hurts, stopping unemployment benefits in a recession.

And Rand Paul and Trey Grayson, they are shamefully cheering him on.

We need to cut spending…but not on the backs of the unemployed.

As Attorney General, I saved taxpayers millions of dollars by hammering the big drug and oil companies for price gouging.

Let's get past the political games and gridlock.

I'm Jack Conway and I approve this message because it's time Washington worked for us.


Daniel Mongiardo

Conway Talks Tough In First TV Ad

But Struck Out in Fighting for Kentucky’s Jobless

Fails to Keep His Promise to Send Letter Expressing Solidarity With Kentucky Jobless

Chose Warmth of Washington D.C. TV Studio Rather Than Stand With Workers in Kentucky

Frankfort --- Kim Geveden, spokesman for Dr. Daniel Mongiardo’s U.S. Senate campaign released the following statement in response to media inquiries about Conway’s first TV ad.

“Jack Conway may have lots of money to run slick ads, but Jack Conway struck out when it came to doing the hard work to protect Kentucky families. It was Daniel Mongiardo who organized and led the rallies against Jim Bunning’s disgraceful attempt to block unemployment and health benefits for Kentucky’s jobless.  Jack Conway didn’t even bother to send a letter of support as a show of solidarity with Kentucky working families as he promised he would.  While Daniel Mongiardo was standing shoulder to shoulder with Kentucky workers taking on Bunning and his Tea Party supporters, Jack got on a jet and flew to Washington D.C. where he did a couple of interviews with some inside the beltway talking heads.

"Yesterday showed just how sharp the contrast really is between Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo.  Daniel believes that if you want to be a U.S. Senator who stands up for Kentucky families, you have to be willing to personally join the battle and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow Kentuckians – even on a cold and blustery winter day.  You can’t do it from the warmth and comfort of a TV studio in Washington D.C.”


Trey Grayson


Trey Grayson Launches New Television Ad
- Focuses on the need to cut spending, reduce debt and guard against terror attacks -

Florence, Kentucky –

Kentucky Secretary of State and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Trey Grayson has launched a new ad that will air on broadcast television in several markets across Kentucky beginning today.  The ad features Grayson discussing the reasons he’s running for U.S. Senate.
“Fixing Washington starts with cutting spending,” Grayson says in the ad.  He goes on to point out that he has reduced spending in the Secretary of State’s office by 15% and cites stopping wasteful spending, reducing the national debt and protecting the country against terrorists as some of his goals if elected.
“We’ve done more with less by focusing on what’s important.  We’ve managed to increase and improve the services of our office while cutting our spending by 15% and posting all of our expenses online so taxpayers can see how their money is spent.  That’s the kind of leadership we need in Washington,” Grayson often points out in campaign speeches.  To reduce spending in his office, Grayson cut the number of bureaucrats, reduced office space and cut out non-essential items like blackberries and cell phones.
Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson said, “Others talk a good game, but there’s only one conservative in this race with a proven record of fiscally responsible service to taxpayers.  Trey Grayson was the first in Kentucky to post expenses online so taxpayers can see how their money is being spent.  That’s the kind of transparency and accountability Trey Grayson will fight for in Washington.”
Trey Grayson is building a grassroots campaign across Kentucky and has been endorsed by dozens of local leaders, including dozens of County Judge-Executives and state legislators as well as seven Louisville Metro Council members and former Congressman Ron Lewis.  Trey Grayson is the only candidate for U.S. Senate endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life PAC.


Rand Paul

Rand Paul: Bluegrass values, a true conservative for Kentucky 

Bowling Green, KY- Rand Paul announced a new television ad showcasing the real conservative values voters across the commonwealth are seeking.   The ad will run statewide on broadcast and cable.

There is no candidate who stands up for Kentucky values more than Rand Paul.  Whether it's fighting against career politicians with term limits and earmark bans or taking on the big spending, big government forces, one thing is clear: Rand Paul's focus will be on reining in an out-of-control federal government.

For too long, our leaders have allowed us to sink into a sea of debt.   They spend money we do not have.  They continue a culture where seeking reelection or grasping for the next elected office are their only goals.

Dr. Paul is not a career politician.  He's a career doctor and a proud husband and father who has raised his family in the Bluegrass State.   He's a lifelong Republican and a proud conservative.   

Dr. Paul is a different kind of leader.   If we want real change in Washington, we can't keep sending the same type of professional politician.

Now is the time for bold, new leadership that will put career politicians of both parties on notice that the gravy train has to come to a complete stop.

Rand Paul will be more than just a vote.   He will lead the fight for real reform:  term limits, a balanced budget constitutional amendment, and an end to pork barrel spending.

He will fight President Obama's attempts to close Guantanamo and will support prosecuting terrorists in military tribunals, not in civilian court.  And he will work to stop issuing tourist visas from terrorist-harboring nations.

Rand Paul is the one candidate in either party seeking office who will fight for these values and then to return home to his family and career. 

As Rand's ad runs around the commonwealth, he invites anyone interested in changing the way Washington works to visit his website for information on his views and an archive of dozens of speeches and interviews.


Bill Johnson

Bunning Pitches a Perfect Game

ELKTON —Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Bill Johnson today issued the following statement regarding Jim Bunning’s decision to block further deficit spending.

“I support Senator Jim Bunning.  Frankly, unemployment benefits are currently 99 weeks or almost two years. While I support extending the benefits for a short period of time longer, we must find a way to pay for those benefits.  I do not support extending unemployment benefits beyond two years.

“Even Germany limits unemployment benefits to one year.  Benefits here in America are exceeding those offered in the most liberal countries of Europe.  Two years of government support is not a safety net. It is an entitlement program. I am tired of paying for entitlement programs that continue well beyond a compassionate need.

“I am unemployed having refused a company move to Houston, Texas.  I am on Cobra, spending my savings (to live and campaign), but still standing confidently in my abilities.  I don’t want government help and I have not taken unemployment benefits.  I want the government out of my way so the economy will recover.

“Getting rid of the Department of Education would free up $45 billion per year.  Getting rid of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would free up $10.5 billion per year.  It is time to draw the line.  Stand tall Senator Bunning.  You are pitching a perfect game.”



Dr. Mongiardo agrees we need to find money to pay for spending
What are the Democrats protesting?

ELKTON —Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Bill Johnson today issued the following statement regarding the protest rally against Senator Jim Bunning in Lexington.

“The liberal democrats were outmanned by conservative voices from the right during the simultaneous liberal protest and conservative support rally in Lexington.  In a direct exchange with Dr. Mongiardo, he agreed funding for the unemployment benefit extension needs to be identified.  So, he is agreeing with the Johnson Campaign and Senator Bunning while simultaneously protesting?  I guess he was for PAYGO before he was against PAYGO.  Or perhaps, he was against PAYGO before he was for PAYGO.  Confusing to say the least.

“Unemployment benefits are currently 99 weeks or almost two years. While I support extending the benefits for a short period of time longer, we must find a way to pay for those benefits.  I do not support extending unemployment benefits beyond two years. “

Senator Jim Bunning

Statement of Senator Jim Bunning on the Bunning Amendments to H.R. 4213

March 3, 2010

Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the pending amendments be set aside so I can call up my amendments which are at the desk and that the reading of the amendments be waived.

Thank you, Mr. President. Anyone who has paid attention to the floor of the Senate for the last week will know what my amendments are about.  I am offering Senators two ways to pay for the spending in this bill.  The first is with unspent stimulus funds, and the second is by shutting down unnecessary or duplicate federal programs.  In other words, I am saying we should use money that we have already set aside that has not been spent or eliminate wasteful spending to pay for these benefits.  

Over the last few days, many Senators on the other side of the aisle have come to the floor and said that unemployment benefits are the best form of stimulus available.  They say the families that are getting those benefits turn around and spend the money immediately.  Well, if that is true, I cannot think of a better use of the money from last year's so-called stimulus bill.  Why leave that money sitting unused in a government account somewhere when those funds could get into the hands of people who need them the most and will put them into the economy right away?  What is so sacred about the stimulus bill that we should keep that money sitting around until it can be spent later this year or next year, or even 2012 and beyond?  Why not help people now?

But for the Senators who think the stimulus money is so sacred that it cannot be touched, I am proposing another way to pay for this bill.  Senator Coburn has identified well more than 120 billion dollars worth of savings from waste, fraud, and abuse. These savings include closing the federal employee tax gap – that is, making sure all federal employees pay all the taxes they owe – and stopping the payment of benefits to people and companies who are not entitled to those benefits.  The amendment would also be paid for by ending federal programs that are no longer needed or duplicate other government programs, and making existing programs run more efficiently.  I think it is safe to call that wasteful spending, and I think the taxpayers who are footing the bill for those programs would agree.  Families all across America have to tighten their budgets when times get tough, and the government should do the same.  That is all I am trying to do with this amendment.

I am sure some will accuse me of being against the programs in this bill.

But the record should be clear by now that I support helping people in their time of need.  In fact, every Member of the Senate who was able to make the votes last night supported extension of these benefits either in my paid-for version or the version that added to the debt. My amendments are not about whether we should extend these programs, no, my amendments are about whether we should pay for extending these programs or whether we should keep piling more debt on top of the 14 trillion dollars we already owe.  I think the answer is clear.

Last night I thought we had a deal worked out to give me an up or down vote on my amendment to pay for the short term extenders bill.  Instead, one Senator raised a budget point of order against the amendment, and I expect someone will try to do the same thing on my amendments today.  That was her right as a Senator, but it was certainly not within the spirit of the agreement I tried to reach to find a way forward on these important programs.  

But I think the larger question raised by that move is what are the 53 Senators who voted to block my amendment afraid of?  Are they afraid the Senate might pay for something we do?  Are they afraid we might take a step toward balancing the budget?  Are they afraid we will bring Washington's out of control spending just a little bit under control and live under the same rules as ordinary American families?  Is it too much to ask, Mr. President, that we pay for what we spend?  Last night 53 Senators said yes, Mr. President, it is too much to ask for.  But I think it is not.  

Today every Senator will have an opportunity to join me in saying it is not too much to ask.  Or they can vote against my amendments and add another 100 billion dollars to the national debt.  I urge every Senator to vote for my amendments to pay for this spending, to put away the taxpayers' credit card, and put an end to the debt spending madness.




WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Senator Jim Bunning issued the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked Bunning amendments 3360 and 3361 that both would have paid for the more than $100 billion in costs that would otherwise be added to the deficit by the Baucus extensions bill.

Bunning Amendment number 3360 contains all of the extensions in the Baucus Substitute, but pays for the over $100 billion in costs that will otherwise be added to the deficit and debt by (1) rescinding unobligated “stimulus” funds, and (2) directing OMB to de-obligate at least $20 billion of stimulus funds that won’t be spent until FY2013 or beyond or that won’t be used for their intended purpose after that time.  Bunning Amendment number 3361 contains all of the extensions in the Baucus Substitute, but pays for the over $100 billion in costs that will otherwise be added to the deficit and debt by eliminating 640 wasteful or duplicative government programs.
“For the second day in a row Democrats have voted against paying for what they are spending,” said Bunning.  “I have offered them three different ways to pay for these bills and they’ve rejected all of my suggestions.  It has become obvious to me that the Democrats are not serious about getting our fiscal house in order and will continue to spend our country deeper and deeper into debt with no regard for our children and grandchildren who are going to be stuck with the tab.  

“The Baucus extensions bill we are currently considering on the Senate floor will add over $100 billion more to our already out-of-control debt.  My amendments that were rejected today offered two different commonsense solutions on how to pay for the Baucus bill instead of continuing the irresponsible spending that has plagued Washington for too long.  Enough is enough.  It is time to cut up the national credit card and get serious about paying down our debt.  I will continue to oppose spending that is not paid for.”  




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