More of your memories from 9-11

This week I’m dedicating this space to your memories of 9-11. Today we have several of your memories to share.

This week I’m dedicating this space to your memories of 9-11.  Today we have several of your memories to share.




Jonathan Johnson - Ten years ago I was in middle school, now I'm a firefighter.  I will always remember 9-11.





John Hoskins - I was a deputy sheriff here in Bell County. I took some paperwork to our dispatch center. As I walked in I saw the dispatcher on duty (Robert Wilson) was glued to a television set they kept in dispatch. I walked in and gave him the papers and noticed the second plane flying into the tower and the explosion that followed. I said, "Wow Butch! That's some vivid special effects! What movie is this?" He just stared at the TV in disbelief and never looked away. He said softly, "That's not a movie John ... that's real ..." We watched for a few moments and I went outside and sat down on the courthouse steps and watched as fighter jet after fighter jet passed overhead and couldn't help but think to myself "Is this the beginning of world war three?"... A sad and unsettling time for sure in this country... but a much needed wake up call … though as tragic as it was.







Lisa Abraham - On that horrible, unforgettable day, my then-spouse and I were on vacation at my family's condo on Seagrove Beach, about halfway between Destin and Panama City.  We were watching the morning news when coverage went to the World Trade Center after the first plane struck. No one knew what was happening at that point, so we continued to watch and wait. When the second plane struck, Tom said, "That was NO ACCIDENT!" I was surprised by the anger in his normally calm voice. That area of Florida usually gets a lot of air traffic from military bases in Panama City and Pensacola, but for the rest of the day, it was eerily silent. No one was on the beach, and no planes were flying. The silence was deafening! On that day, it was impossible to comprehend what had happened, some of which many of us witnessed on TV. It was (and is) the most "unreal" experience I've ever had.



Nora Sturgill - I remember that day, like so many others do, so well. I was in my living room watching TV while my mom was on the phone with one of my aunts. The show i had been watching was ending when I heard my mom asked my aunt," What? What channel is it on?

Then she told me to put it on CNN. It was just after the first plane had hit the towers. Our TV never changed channels that whole day. Meanwhile, during all of this happening in New York, we had a little boy here we had to get off to pre-school. I remember thinking about what kind of world is he going to be growing up in?

I knew that these events had changed our world. I had never cried over anything like I did during that day. This day will forever be in our memories.

God bless the first responders, paramedics, the policemen, the citizens and everyone that risked their lives & the ones who did die that day. It's the American spirit that pulled us through this tragedy. God bless the USA!! 







Wendy Hall - I remember I was in the 8th grade and we were in History class. When the teacher turned it to the news, I cried so hard. It's so sad for all the losses we had that day.



Julia Bentley Bormes - Was home, getting ready to go to allergy doctor. I didn't see the first plane hit, my husband was watching CNN and told me one hit, then yelled later that another one had hit!! We had to leave and listened to the radio on our way to Pikeville. We were in the doctor's office (no TV) when the buildings fell. I was horrified! First thing I wanted to do was go get my oldest child from school. Then, watching the news later and those poor people jumping out of the buildings … I couldn't take it, had to leave the room. God Bless our country and help us NEVER forget!!



Bobby W. Daniels - I was attending Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in Pineville.  I had just got back from a dentist's appointment when I turned on the TV and saw one of the WTC burning. I had thought that it was just a fire in one of the offices. The next thing I saw will forever be burned in my mind. The buildings started to collapse. My wife had just came home from work and once she saw it on TV she never left the set. The entire campus tried to carry on with business as usual, but it was apparent that everybody was shaken by the events.



Rhonda Pacholewski - I was sitting in Knoxville at a Chemo infusion suite with my 26-year old sister on her birthday. It was her first chemo on her second fight with Breast cancer, and watching the hospital going into sort-of preparedness mode because no one had a clue where the missing plane was heading. Sadly, that day will forever be etched in my mind, as the day our country was attacked, and my sisters last earthly birthday. Rumors was swirling that they was going to close the Cumberland Gap Tunnels, just a horrible day.



Becky North – I remember sitting in 3rd grade.  We were in class when it happened. My teacher turned it on and we just watched it not really sure what was going on because we were so young.



Ashley Stewart – I was a senior in high school in class when it happened. We stayed in the library most of the day just watching the TV … watching everything that was happening.



Robert Roark – I don’t think any of us will ever forget that day. I know I won’t.  I was working for Eagle Carriers out of Somerset.  I drove a truck for them. I had a load of mail to deliver to the post office on 9th street in Manhattan. I had gotten there early that morning and unloaded.  I pulled out on the street across from Madison Square Gardens Arena and laid down for a nap. I was awakened by lots of sirens. I looked out and all I could see was people scrambling to get there, then over at the Post Office I saw smoke rising. I got out to see what it was and couldn’t believe my eyes; it was like something in a movie.  I was devastated.  I found a phone to call in and they told me what was on the news … it scared me. It was awful trying to get out of the city. It took 27 hours to get across the bridge and it seemed like forever to get back to Kentucky.   After that day, the skyline was changed forever, it was not there anymore, and the towers were gone.



Brenda Milligan - I remember that day.  I lived in Quantico Virginia at the time. I had just got out of the shower, turned the TV on and it was on the news.  I just sat there and watched and as I was watching I saw the second plane fly by, then all of a sudden it hit the second tower.

So, I got ready. I had to go pick my oldest daughter up from school to take her to the doctor.  While on our way to the doctor, someone had called into the radio station I was listening to and said that there was smoke coming from the Pentagon.

While we were at the doctor, I watched TV there and saw the tower fall. Someone was sitting by me and I said the other one is getting ready to fall too. My daughter was scared. I had to take her home because I had to go to work. We lived on base and I worked just down the road. The base was on lockdown so they were checking ID everywhere. If you didn't have any business on base you couldn’t get in. Because of the no fly zone at the time, my daughter was scared because she could hear the military planes flying over and she didn't know that was them … she thought it was another plane going to hit the base.  So I remember 911 real good.



Tina Mullins - My memory is the poor souls jumping out of the towers. God rest their souls. My prayers go to their families.





Diane Anderson Carley

- How sad that day was for many. I ask God to be with the families and friends that lost their loved ones on this sad day.




"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

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God Bless America!
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