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By: Jeff Ford
By: Jeff Ford

Why hello there, Ladies and Gents. Welcome to the inaugural blogging of Now Playing.

Why hello there, Ladies and Gents.  Welcome to the inaugural blogging of (Now Playing?).  There’s so much that I want to show and tell of the world of the narrative story: from the obscure to the trending; the tragic to the comedy; the joy of cinema to the intensity of a thriller.  I just want to jump right in and get to the good stuff.

I’m sorry.  Where are my manners?  Who exactly am I?

As one might ascertain, I am not an on-air personality.  Instead I prefer to stay behind the scenes.  Jeffrey Ford is my name.  For 8 years I have worked at WKYT in many production areas, but the most recent is what I will share.  I am the director of the 5 AM and Midmorning News, as well as the Fox Morning Show at 7 AM.  I came upon this lucky break as a blogger when I noticed there was something missing from the WKYT award winning website.  There was a missing area that I can fulfill, namely an entertainment section.  I approached our internet guru with this suggestion and he told me to run with it, and run with it I shall.

I’m going to start off a little bit small; try to get my bearings as I am wading into unfamiliar territory as a blogger, but in due time I hope to have this thing running full steam ahead.  For now, I will be letting the reading public know what will be released into the cinemas this upcoming weekend.  A plot synopsis shall follow and then I will give my thoughts on the film.  I am instituting a 5 point scale rating my interest level in adventuring out into the cinema.  These will be only my opinions.  Just because my interest may be low on certain films should not reflect on the quality of the finished product.  It is more a reflection on the marketing departments at the studio.  I’ll also be showcasing films being released only in Lexington.  With that out of the way, let’s get to it.


Anna Farris (Eden) looks back on her past relationships and tries to figure out if one of those crazy exes could be her 1.  Chris Evans (The Nanny Diaries) is also in this, which makes me think that it’s going to be him.  Either way, the trailer did make me laugh and it may not hurt so much if I was dragged into the theater to see this.  However, I’m not making a special trip.  I would give my interest 2 ex-relationships out of 5.  It’s rated R for sexual content and language.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Halloween: H20) has cancer.  Let’s make a comedy out of it.  We’ll get Seth Rogan (Donnie Darko) to co-star in it and he’ll bring the funny.  In all seriousness though, from what I have heard, the previews are doing this movie a great injustice.  The trailers are trying to showcase the comedy, while hiding the real story behind it.  This is a semi-autobiographical film from the writer of the film who did use humor (along with his good friend Seth Rogan) to try and beat a very serious disease.  As someone who knows firsthand what cancer can do to people, I’m going to leave out the funny in my interest meter.  The previews make it seem like a 3 but if word of mouth is true, this is easily a 5.  It’s rated R for language, sexual content and some drug use.

Now let’s go to a lighter subject.


Daniel Craig (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) and his family move into a new house.  They later find out all is not what it seems as a brutal crime had befallen the previous tenants.  Then things get really weird.  Naomi Watts (Tank Girl) and Rachel Weisz (Chain Reaction) join Craig in this mystery.  The trailer gives away a big twist but it is an effective tool.  Now if only I can get past my fear of two young girls standing in a hall…(shudder).  I’ll go with 3 house payments out of 5.  This is rated PG-13 for violence, terror, some sexuality and brief strong language.


From the creators of Fireproof comes the tale of 4 policemen who, when faced with a tragedy, try to be the best father and husband they can be, using their faith as their guide.  This is a spiritual tale that is sure to appeal to the church going group.  While it is great that these types of film are being put out that is a counter balance to the usual indiscretions prevalent in today’s cinema (look at the 3 previous films for an idea of what I am typing about), from what I’ve seen of this, I can’t muster anything more than 2 felony counts out of 5.  This is rated PG-13 for some violence and drug content.

Thus the first edition is coming to a close.  I hope this is an idea of what I intend to bring here on a weekly (crossing fingers) basis.  Once again, these opinions are mine and mine alone.  If someone disagrees with my assessment, feel I have left something off or have something they would like to add, I encourage the use of the comments below.  Until next time, thank you for coming to (Now Playing?).  Sit back and relax.  Enjoy the Show.

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