Police: 2 officers killed in Palestinian attack

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's police chief says two officers were killed in an attack by Palestinian assailants near a major Jerusalem shrine.

Roni Alsheich says the policemen died of wounds sustained in the attack earlier Friday.

He spoke after three Arab citizens of Israel opened fire on police near one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem. The compound is the holiest site in Judaism and the third-holiest in Islam.

Israel's prime minister has promised to preserve long-standing access arrangements at a contested Jerusalem holy site, in an apparent attempt to allay Muslim fears after Israel ordered the volatile shrine closed for a day following a Palestinian shooting attack there.

Benjamin Netanyahu says the Muslim-administered sacred compound will be shut Friday for security reasons to make sure there are no weapons there. He says the status quo governing the site "will be preserved."

The site has been a flashpoint for violence in the past, with friction there sparking major rounds of Israeli-Palestinian violence.