$112 million cut from Transportation Cabinet budget

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will finish the 2015-2016 fiscal period with $112 million less than they were originally budgeted for due to a decline in road fund revenue.

"People are driving less. There are more fuel-efficient cars. That is probably the lion's share of why we have seen a reduction in road fund revenue," KYTC spokesman Ryan Watts.

Watts said the majority of the budget reduction was mandated by Kentucky law. The bulk of the cuts will come from the revenue-sharing and highway project portion of the budget.

The document, filed Monday by the Finance and Administration Cabinet, State Budget Director, and Governor Matt Bevin's office, calls for a reduction of $61,952,200 from revenue sharing. That's the portion of the road fund that gets passed on to cities and counties for their projects.

"It's for local road projects. The autonomy will rest with the county governments. They can decide some of the projects," Watts said.

The document also calls for a cut of $28,781,900 from the KYTC highways fund. Transportation officials are still working to figure out where they'll make those cuts.

"All projects are on the table and we're just taking a look at those. This could happen at any any stage - design, utilities, construction. We're just taking a look at all of those options," Watts said.

Watts said no KYTC employees' jobs were in danger due to the cuts.

Full list of cuts in Road Fund Budget Reduction:

Cuts in Transportation Cabinet:
Revenue Sharing - $62,121,500
Highways - $28,781,900
Debt Service - $16,481,800
Vehicle Regulation - $2,471,700
General Administration and Support - $1,317,600
Aviation - $325,500
TOTAL - $111,500,000

Cuts in Capital Projects:
Maintenance Pool - 2014-16 - $500,000
Road Maintenance Parks - 2014-16 - $500,000
TOTAL - $1,000,000

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