Business owner: Trooper 'kicked the **** out of' suspect in Rockcastle Co.

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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - People have shared a video showing an altercation between a man and a Kentucky State Trooper hundreds of times.

Joshua Vanwinkle is charged with fleeing or evading police and resisting arrest.

State Police say Trooper Scotty Pennington responded to Woodall's Auto Repair in Brodhead while investigating a theft complaint. According to KSP, once the trooper arrived, three men took off running. Troopers caught two of those men; a third escaped.

Police believe the man who got away was Joshua Vanwinkle. Vanwinkle is the man seen struggling with Trooper Pennington in the video.

"Kentucky State Police is aware of the video, and we have watched it several times," said Trooper Lloyd Cochran.

State police say the struggle happened after Pennington walked Vanwinkle to his cruiser to make the arrest. According to Vanwinkle's arrest citation, the trooper tried to arrest Vanwinkle after catching up with him. At that point, troopers say Vanwinkle jerked away. The arrest citation says that when the trooper tried again to place cuffs on Vanwinkle, that he pulled away and placed his hand on the trooper. State Police say that's when the altercation began.

Frankie Woodall says Vanwinkle came to his business to buy some parts for his car. He says his security cameras captured what happened when state police arrived. He says he watched it all play out.

"State police run through there, ran back there, rounded up them boys, brought them up here. Short and sweet kicked the **** out of one of them, and it's just wrong you know," Woodall said.

According to troopers, Vanwinkle told them he ran at first because he just doesn't like the police.

Kentucky State Police are investigating the fight. Trooper Cochran is asking that those who saw the video wait until the police have thoroughly investigated the fight and the events leading up to it before making accusations.

"Don't jump to conclusions just because you watch a two-second video," Trooper Cochran said. "These officers are out here putting their lives on the line each and every day, and they get talked about all the time. So, I would just ask that people wait 'til the investigation is complete."

State police say they have not leveled any disciplinary action against Trooper Pennington.

Police took Vanwinkle to the Rockcastle County Detention Center. He is charged with fleeing or evading police and resisting arrest. Vanwinkle was also wanted by police on a probation violation out of Madison County.

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