Clay Co. woman: Explosion "blew me plum through the floor"

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BURNING SPRINGS, Ky. (WYMT) - Nancy Collins Murrell said she had been struggling with the temperature of her house all day Sunday.

"I lit the heater and turned around and picked up the phone to call the neighbor to make sure that Koby turned the gas off. By the time I turned around and picked up the phone, it blew me plum through the floor," she said.

She said she was right next to the explosion when it happened. "All I remember seeing was one big blue blaze behind me, and it was like poof! Then I was crawling from underneath the trailer."

Murrell felt like it was a miracle she and her two children, Sha-Lynn and Koby Mickel, made it out alive. Still, though, she was emotional describing what happened after the explosion."I started hollering for my children. I felt (Koby), he was near where I was, but I couldn't get to him. I started screaming for my daughter. She was screaming for me, and I couldn't hear her. I was screaming for her, and she couldn't hear me and next thing I knew, she was crawling across the roof to where we were."

A neighbor had to drag the family out from the mess that was once their home. "That was the scariest feeling you ever had in your life when your kids need you, and you can't walk to get to them," said Murrell.

Murrell has two feet that are broken, and two parts of her back are broken. Doctors at UK Medical Center scheduled surgery for Wednesday.

Sha-Lynn is expected to be released from the hospital Wednesday.

Murrell said Koby suffered facial burns. Family members who have visited him said he also had head trauma.

Once they get the windows fixed in their camper, the family expects to live there until they make other arrangements.

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