Fate of pit bull up in the air after Nicholasville attack

JESSAMINE CO. (WKYT)- A Nicholasville family is resting a little easier today, after they say the pit bull who attacked and killed their collie this week is now in Animal Control's custody.

"We don't really know where to go from here," said former Nicholasville mayor John Martin.

Sympathy cards and gifts lined the Martin family's mantel on Sunday, after their 14 year old dog Chelsea was killed in a gruesome attack.

Animal Control has now identified the dog as a 50 pound Pit Bull named Blue Boy.

Blue Boy's fate is still in up the air at this point.

"We didn't want it put down, if they could do something with it, but I don't know if they can," said Martin.

Martin says he went to identify the dog after animal control seized it. While the pain of losing his collie Chelsea is strong, Martin also says his heart hurts for Blue Boy.

"The poor little thing, and I'm calling it a poor little thing, anyway it was just shivering like our dog used to in a lightening storm and would shake. And it wasn't aggressive at all towards me," said Martin.

Focus is now shifting to the owner who some say could have done more to prevent the attack. "The owner was responsible for the dog, to keep it in," said Martin.

While finding the dog responsible has given the family some closure, Martin says it's still hard to cope. "You miss her badly and its...she's gone,"said Martin.

The dog was found in time to prevent Martin and his injured neighbor from having to get Rabies shots after being bitten.

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