Jim Caldwell's Forecast | Irma's showers are more widespread today

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LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - The remnants of Irma will keep sending showers our way. That kind of cloud cover will also keep temperatures down.

One day, very soon, I will be able to stop talking about Irma and the remnants of this system. That day comes at the end of the week. Until that point you can expect more showers to occupy the skies. It looks like the coverage of the rain today will be a little more widespread than Tuesday. However, there will be a difference in how heavy todays showers are compared to some of the ones that got going on Tuesday. This kind of coverage will keep numbers down in the low and mid 60s for highs.

Rain will finally begin to exit the area on Thursday. There will probably be a few showers lingering in the region, but overall, it looks much quieter. The afternoon hours will probably include temperatures that jump back into the 70s with sunshine.

The weekend brings highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. It will mean that we see highs around normal or just above by that point. This is the kind of normal that I can get used to. Average highs for this month drop rather quickly for this month. Normal high on September 1st is 84 degrees while the normal low on the 30th is 73. All are very pleasant temperatures, just goes to show you how quickly fall begins to run the show. By the way, it begins on September 22nd at 4:02 PM.

Good luck dodging the showers.

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