Kentuckian works through eye of Irma in Fort Myers

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FORT MYERS, Fl. (WKYT) - Another Kentuckian is getting a first-hand look at the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.

Rebecca Ollier is a news producer for a TV station in Fort Myers. She grew up in northern Kentucky and once worked at WYMT-TV in Hazard.

Ollier says Fort Myers shut down on Friday. No grocery stores are open and gas stations are running low.

"We're gonna have to conserve gas for the next week. We're gonna have to make sure - I put stuff in my fridge to make sure that it's cold. In my freezer, we packed ice. I think that's the main story right now. I wasn't worried during the storm, I think it's worrying about our homes now."

The eye of Irma went straight over her station. She says the scene was surreal.

As a woman living and working in Kentucky just a year ago, she never thought she would experience a hurricane, let alone work through one.

Now Collier says she has to recover from one.

"I know I won't have power, so it's gonna be hot. The air conditioning won't be on. It's Florida. It's September. It's gonna be 88 degrees in my apartment, but we should still have water. It might be cold, but I think the power it's gonna be really hard to get that back to normal."

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