Kentucky students honored for acceptance into military academies

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Seven students were honored for the achievements Monday. The Central Kentucky students are all going to service academies this fall. Congressman Andy Barr recognized each one for their commitment to their communities.

The congressman thanked the students' parents, families, and teachers for their support and for their work with the students.

Members of the committee that helped them attain appointments were also there to support each teens' accomplishments.

One of the students honored, Dalton Carter, is headed to West Point to attend the United State Military Academy. Alyson Wade is heading to the Naval Academy. Eliza Miller is attending the US Merchant Marine Academy.

"I went up there and I stayed the night and after I did that I could really see myself there and I really loved it," said Miller.

Four of the seven students honored will attend the Air Force Academy. They are Mackenzie Clay, Kyle McMillin, Richard Haywood, and Christopher Collins.

"I have this long, long family history of military, and I wanted to follow that history, but also I wanted to pursue my love of aerospace engineering and aeronautics. I love space, travel. I love just flight and everything about that," said Collins.

Each student leaves for their respective academies in the next few weeks.

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