Lexington man accused of stealing hundreds of coins from laundry machines

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington police have charged Leif Morgan with nine counts of third-degree burglary.

Police say Morgan went to different apartments around Lexington in February, March and April. They say he used a drill to break open the locks on the washers and dryers, and then stole quarters from multiple machines.

According to Morgan's arrest citation, he was caught on camera using a tool to break into a laundry room and then stealing more quarters from those machines.

Police said at one location Morgan stole approximately $450 in quarters.

Morgan is expected to be arraigned on burglary charges Thursday.

The amount of change Morgan stole pales in comparison to the clean-up costs property manager Matt Jones says he's paid. He says Morgan stole from three of this properties, and damaged a fourth.

"Hundreds of dollars of coins have been stolen, but once again that is dwarfed by the thousands of dollars I had to spend to kinda counter activity like this," said Jones.

Police are looking into the possibility Morgan is connected to other cases.

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