Lexington woman in Charlottesville during protests

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WKYT) - On Saturday, while violence spread through downtown Charlottesville, one Kentuckian was trying to make her way through the city.

State of Emergency Declared in Charlottesville After Protests Turn Violent Photo: Zain Khan / Twitter

"When we arrived yesterday to get to the Airbnb they had some of the roads blocked off with tape and we had to reroute. A lot of the businesses around there were closed," Melanie Pleiss said.

Pleiss had gone to Virginia for a half-marathon.

She said most of the businesses near the downtown area had closed in preparation for the rally.

Their group had to drive about 15 minutes to find a place to eat, and once they did she said the people who live there told them they weren't happy the White Nationalists had chosen their city to come to.

"I think they were a little frustrated with the event from what I can tell. Because it was putting a big damper on their day and daily lives there," she said.

When asked about Mayor Jim Gray's decision to move Confederate statues in Lexington, Pleiss said she was worried there could be similar protests in the city where she lives.

"After what went on yesterday here in Charlottesville it does make me a little worried about what could happen in Lexington."