London Police encourage folks to get involved with Neighborhood Watch

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Police in London are trying to get community members involved in a neighborhood watch program.

Your neighborhood is your home, and police in London are working to keep others safe with Neighborhood Watch.

"It's a really great thing that's starting to gain some ground here in London," said Magen Zawko with the London Police Department.

Leaders said Neighborhood Watch is a gathering of neighbors who meet with London police to discuss ways to keep their home safe, as well as knowing the people on either side of you.

"Studies show where 96 percent of neighbors actually feel safer when they get to know who's living beside them... you know today no one really knows who their neighbors are," said Zawko.

Zawko also said the police department wants to expand the program. She says she already has five groups that meet monthly.

"It's a goal for the London Police Department this year to get more neighborhoods on board for neighborhood watches."

But, she said it's important to have that community right in your backyard.

"Their children have a safe neighborhood and if someones not at home, they have someone they can trust," she said.

Zawko said even local churches get involved in neighborhood meetings and make meals for the families.

If you are interested in Neighborhood Watch, contact the London Police Department at (606) 878-7004.

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