Marina owners hope for rain amid low water levels

HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - It may be the one time marina owners at Herrington Lake are actually hoping for rain.

Water levels are about 20 feet below normal as a result of construction on the Kennedy Bridge, forcing many boat ramps to close. Marina owners around the lake are feeling the effects.

"We need the rain to bring the lake up a couple of feet and it doesn't take a lot of rain to do that,” said Chimney Rock Marina owner Paul Barnes.

The marina owners are anxiously waiting as they approach one of their busiest times of the year.

"Three weekends during the summer is Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, and that's where you do about probably 40% of your business,” Barnes said.

Barnes closed his ramp about a week ago, but says the water doesn’t have much more to rise until he’s up and running.

“It'll be shut down until the water gets about to 723, it's at 721 right now. I'd just like for it to be open by Memorial Day,” Barnes said.

Contractors are saying the weather is also putting a damper on their construction of a new pier. They say the possibility of rain affects when they’re able to pour concrete.

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