Missing dog is the eyes and ears of a Mercer Co. woman

MERCER CO., Ky. (WKYT) - UPDATE (7/16/17): Emma tells WKYT that they found Quinn Sunday morning on a farm about nine miles from home.

ORIGINAL STORY (7/15/17): A Mercer County woman is still searching for her lost dog nearly two weeks after she ran away. Seven-month-old Quinn is a German Shepard mix, but what makes her so special is how much she helps her owner, Emma Riley, who is deaf and losing eyesight.

Riley planned to make Quinn a service dog when she got a little older.

"We got her in January. We knew that day she was the puppy for us."

For Riley and Adam Russell, a couple from Mercer County, it was love at first site with this pup.

"The mom had 11 dogs, so we had a hard time at first picking one. We'd pick different ones up and then we just picked her up and put a collar on her."

Quinn isn't just your average dog. She's the eyes and ears for Riley.

Riley said, "For the past few years I've wanted a service dog, a guide dog. My vision has been going down slowly."

Riley was born deaf. She has the rare medical condition Usher Syndrome, meaning her vision is deteriorating.

Since July 3rd, their girl hasn't been around.

"Our neighbor over there started doing fireworks, so she was terrified and just ran off."

Their 40-pound German Shepard mix has been missing since. They've been on the lookout and so have countless others, people telling them they've seen Quinn around town.

"We've been looking around, put fliers, newspapers, go around the neighborhood, just everything since. No luck at all, nothing."

It's certainly been tough, but they're hoping word of mouth will eventually lead to Quinn getting home to them safely.

"There's nothing I wouldn't do to have her come back," Riley said.

"She's not replaceable, not whatsoever," Russell said.

Riley and Quinn already have the bond she'll need in a service dog going forward.

Russell said, "There are many dogs that need homes, but Quinn's home is with us."

If you see Quinn, family asks you not chase her. They say she doesn't do well around strangers.

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