Morehead releases statement on Sean Woods

MOREHEAD, Ky. -- Morehead State Director of Athletics Brian Hutchinson released the following statement today regarding the men's basketball program.

"As we communicated in our initial statement, when we were made aware of the accusations the University initiated an internal administrative review and suspended Coach Woods. The administrative review process is nearing completion. Once completed, further comment may be made at that time. Since this is both a student matter and personnel issue, we intend to respect and protect the privacy of individuals and ask that rightful and appropriate due process be allowed for all involved."

No further comments will be made at this time. Assistant Coach Preston Spradlin is serving as the interim head coach.

Hutchinson's statement comes as ESPN is reporting about another incident involving Woods and Maitland.

According to ESPN's Myron Metcalf quotes Edson Maitland, Malik's father, as saying Woods head-butted Malik last season.

Edson Maitland said Woods apologized, asked for forgiveness and promised it wouldn't happen again. Maitland said his son reported the incident to the team's trainer.

"We are very, extremely disappointed in coach Woods," Edson Maitland is quoted as saying. "He came into our home and violated our trust, the trust that we put in him as a coach. Not only did we ask him to coach our son, but to treat our son just as he would his own son. He was reckless with willful intention in his action toward my son, inflicting such a pain on him.

"This is not the first time he violated our trust because last year, during the season, he head-butted my son and turned around and asked him to forgive him, and he apologized, and my son accepted his apology, and [he] said he would never do it again. And as for the school, I'm still waiting for a response from them and to take corrective action and appropriate action without any form of a delay, saying they're still investigating. And as for all the assistants that are there working, I'm appalled, because they are an extension of Coach Woods, and I think the NCAA should step in and take appropriate action."

In the ESPN story, Edson Maitland asks for Morehead State to fire Woods.

"I not only want him gone, I want him prosecuted to the full length of the law," Maitland said.

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