Nine puppies rescued after being dumped out with trash

MORGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Nine puppies are safe after investigators say someone abandoned them at a dump site. They were found Tuesday on Caney Hill in Morgan County.

Kathy Sexton, the county's animal control officer, says she thinks she knows who did it, because just hours before the puppies were found, she got a call from a man who said he had nine puppies to surrender. Sexton said she asked for a photo of the dogs so she could line up a rescue to get them, then never heard back.

Shortly after, someone pulled nine puppies from a trash dump site along the road on Route 1000.

"They shouldn't be abandoned on the side of the road. We have a shelter here," Sexton said. "They don't deserve that. They don't ask to come into this world. People need to take more responsibility with their pets, have them spayed and neutered."

Sexton says she has tried to reach back out to the man but he has not responded. She says that she wants to file charges, but that under existing state law she does not have enough evidence to do so.

The dogs are about eight weeks old, Sexton said. They seem to be in good health and are definitely in good spirits.

"They're just playing and jumping and having a good time," Sexton said. "It's like they're 'Thank you for getting us from the garbage dump, we are tickled!'"

Volunteers with Helping Hands for Animals picked up the puppies and took them to Love of Paws, a rescue group in Montgomery County. They will have them vaccinated and help find them good homes.

"They're saved," Sexton said. "They're safe. And they're going to a rescue."

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