Man killed in officer-involved shooting in Anderson County

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ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police tell us a man has died following an officer involved shooting in Anderson County.

Around 4:20p.m. Wednesday, Kentucky State Police say Anderson County Deputies responded to a call of a person who used his car to push an off-road vehicle out of the road at the intersection of Redwing Way and Muscovie Trail.

"He was upset that they were there, used his car to push one of those off the roadway. They called police and he continued on to the house," Kentucky State Police Trooper Bernie Napier said.

Trooper Napier said the man then proceeded to shoot several times at his neighbor's home. Nobody was in the home at the time the shots were fired.

Once deputies arrived on scene, state police say the man was standing in front of his home with a gun in his hand.

"He turned that weapon on the deputies. There were several shots that went into one of the deputies cars They returned fire and shot him," Trooper Napier said.

The deputies were not hurt.

The man was flown to University of Kentucky Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. That man has been identified as 45-year-old Frederick Ratliff.

Nicole Hagan owns the home Ratliff shot into. Nobody was home at the time the shots were fired. Hagan said she has had several negative interactions with Ratliff, who lived several hundred yards behind her. She believes Ratliff's target was her husband.

"He's back there shooting like crazy. He had rounds he had, there's a clip that he dropped in front of the barn. I mean he came back here to do damage," Hagan said, "From what I have been told is he told his girlfriend there was going to be a killing. So he was out to get my husband."

Kentucky State Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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