PVA clears up assessor confusion

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A county agency is taking steps to reduce confusion about what they do. Fayette County's PVA wants the public to know how to identify its assessors so they don't get confused with solicitors when they're out in city neighborhoods.

David O'Neill says his office has received some questions about his assessors.

"The housing market right now is very tight, very aggressive, people are out in the neighborhoods actively trying to buy houses, and we see with the increase in use of some social media like Facebook and Nextdoor that people are posting questions saying, 'could this be the PVA out here?' and so we want to make it perfectly clear," he says. "We understand it can be very disconcerting when somebody looks out the window and sees a strange car sitting out front, taking pictures of the house, or even worse when somebody's walking up their side yard or driveway."

O'Neill says his crews never randomly roam neighborhoods. The cars his assessors drive all have a silver Commonwealth of Kentucky seal on the door. If they get out of the cars to take photographs or inspect a home, he says they will always be wearing blue and yellow safety vests.

If you want to know if assessors are in your neighborhood, you can call the PVA at (859) 246.2722.

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