Suspect accused of pepper-spraying Walmart worker coming back to Ky.

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MT. STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - The Mount Sterling Police Department issued two warrants in connection with a violent shoplifting incident at a Walmart store.

After releasing surveillance images of the suspects, police identified them as Michael Jude, 35, and Sandra Yeahquo 36, both of Oklahoma.

Police say they were involved in a shoplifting incident at Mt. Sterling Walmart over the weekend. Police say Jude pepper sprayed and 80-year-old employee who confronted him as he left the store with merchandise for which he didn't pay.

Authorities captured Judge and Yeahquo in Oklahoma.

Jude appeared in an Oklahoma courtroom on Thursday morning. He signed a waiver for extradition; An officer from Mount Sterling will now travel to Oklahoma to bring Jude back to Kentucky to face robbery charges.

As for Yeahquo, court clerks in Oklahoma say she has outstanding charges in Tulsa that she must face a judge for first. Her extradition hearing will take place next week.

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