Suspect arrested in fatal Frankfort shooting

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Frankfort Police confirm the victim shot Monday afternoon on Owenton Avenue has died.

The shooting happened around 4:35 p.m. on Owenton Avenue in Frankfort.

Frankfort Police Major Rob Warfel says they found an adult male lying the street with a gunshot wound. Medical crews took the victim to Frankfort Regional Medical Center where he later died. The Franklin County Coroner has identified the man as 27-year-old Denton Jerome "D.J." Bixler.

Officers were directed to the alleged shooter. Police say he was hiding in the back of a home and laying in some weeds. He was armed with a handgun. Major Warfel says officers were able to get the man to surrender after about 30 minutes.

"They encountered him behind the house kind of laying in the weeds, if you will, behind the home. He had a handgun in his possession and so our officers that were on the scene kind of negotiated with him until he got rid of the gun and then he was taken safely into custody," Major Warfel said.

Tuesday morning, Frankfort police identified John Tabor as the Owenton Avenue shooting suspect. Police charged Tabor with murder.

Major Warfel said it was unclear what led up to the shooting.

Neighbor Marvin Clark said he heard one gunshot and then went outside his home to see what was happening.

"I walk around, walk up the steps over here and I see the guy laying in the middle of the street with his girlfriend holding him," Clark said.

Clark says he knew the man who was arrested for the shooting.

"Him and his girlfriend, or wife, walked up and down the street here all the time. He sat on my porch several times talking to me. But other than that, you know, you never know about people now a days. Used to be everywhere around you in the big major cities, now it's happening in your own backyard," Clark said.

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