Railroad officials appear in court over violation of blocking Pulaski Co. road

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Asouthbound Norfolk Southern Train was crossing Richardson Lane in Burnside Monday. It slowed down….then stopped, blocking the crossing.

“I get trapped by them maybe 15, 20 or 30 minutes,” said James Sneed who was on the north side of the tracks when the train stopped across the crossing.

James Sneed was stuck, unable to get back across the tracks while looking for a good fishing spot.

“Because you have to sit, and wait, and wait. For them to get off the track,” he said.

Residents say they’ve had to wait up to two hours for the trains to move. Norfolk Southern was cited to court based on two violations and their attorney entered a not guilty plea Monday morning. And they were told to avoid further violations.

“(that is) Practically impossible, your honor, but we will do our best,” said the Norfolk Southern attorney.

Several hours after the hearing, a train was seen stopped again on the tracks on Richardson Lane. It stayed that way for more than 13 minutes.

Some residents say since the sheriff issued the two citations, the situation has not improved.

“If anything it’s gotten a little worse. Several hours up. 45 minutes up, 30 minutes up. Several times a day,” said Mike Hill of the wait times.

Norfolk Southern officials say the trains stop to switch out crews, make repairs, or other reasons sometimes beyond their control. They say federal law requires crews to change out after so many hours.

A judge set a pre-trial hearing for next month. The attorney for the railroad said they will file motions to dismiss the charges, citing the federal laws.

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