Family says walk to buy cigarettes turned deadly for Lexington shooting victim

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One man has died after a shooting near downtown Lexington, in the East End neighborhood.

Lexington police say the shooting happened Saturday morning near the intersection of East Third and Race Streets.

The coroner says the man, 29-year-old Charles Shryock, was taken to UK Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

WKYT's Emilie Arroyo spoke with Shryock's husband, Jesse Lee, after he learned the news that Shryock didn't make it. Lee's account of the incident starts on East Third Street as Lee and Shryock were allegedly on their way to get cigarettes from a nearby gas station. Lee says they stumbled upon an attempted robbery and shooting in progress, and then became targets themselves.

WKYT arrived at East Second Street just as Shryock was taken from a home on a stretcher. The gravity of his injuries were already setting in for family members.

"God please help me. Take me. Please take me," cried Lee.

It was an emotional plea to God to take the place of his husband. Through sobs, Lee told WKYT that Saturday will be the first day in years, spent without Shryock.

"We are still trying to determine exactly where it happened, how it happened and when," said Lt. Jeremy Tuttle with the Lexington Police Department.

Police had a lot of questions that Shryock's family claims to already know. Lee says he and Shryock walked into a group of people firing at a home off Race Street.

"They were shooting into the house," Lee told police.

Lee believes the group then started firing at him and Shryock because they were witnesses. Seeking shelter, the pair ran a few blocks back to their home on East Second Street, where Lee's brother and mother also live.

"Next thing I knew, here they come running down the street saying he's shot," said James Beatty, Shryock's brother-in-law.

The family says they are now angry at how long it took first responders to arrive, claiming about 20 minutes passed from their first 911 call.

"I just don't see why it would take that long to get to a shooting," said Beatty.

Lee says he thinks Shryock had a collapsed lung from a bullet wound to the chest. He says the 29-year-old was responsive, talking, and breathing minutes up until EMS arrived.

Third street was closed down for a few hours Saturday morning. The area has since reopened, but police remained on the scene talking to possible witnesses.

Two males were arrested in the vicinity shortly after the shooting. Police have not confirmed if they are suspects in this case, nor have they commented on any leads or motives. Investigators could not comment on whether or not their investigation matches Lee's account of the shooting.

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