Sign thieves costing Madison County big bucks

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Stop signs in Madison County are consistently disappearing and Judge Executive Reagan Taylor says it's causing a financial burden in the county.

"We're going to go over budget if we don't do something about this," he told WKYT.

Since Jan. 1, 56 signs have been stolen costing the county $3,976 to replace them. Judge Executive Taylor says if signs continue to get stolen at this rate the county will be 25 percent over budget. Costing them a few grand.

"It doesn't matter how much money is involved," Taylor said. If it's wasteful spending we don't want to do it."

This isn't a new problem back in 2015 two people were arrested for stealing signs on Jigwater Road. The Madison Counrt Sheriffs Office was able to identify them using security cameras that had been placed in the area.

Taylor says since then the problem has gotten worse and security cameras aren't helping.

"They actually found our cameras," he said. They actually left notes with some vulgarity. So it has been a problem."

Taylor says removing a stop sign is not only a financial burden, but he called it a safety concern as well.

"You could t-bone another car or you could run through to a field," he said. You could hit a rock wall. Whatever it might be. So there's a safety component that to me is even more important than the financial problem."

He says right now they don't have the funds or man power to consistently monitor signs on county roads. Taylor says his hope is that the people responsible will stop and think about the harm they are causing.

The budget for road identification signs is set at $12,000. Taylor says this year he expects sign maintenance will cost around $15,000.

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