Starving dogs rescued from Jessamine County home, owner facing charges

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky, (WKYT) - Two starving dogs found outside a Nicholasville home are now recovering, and their owner is facing charges.

Animal control workers say they believe if they hadn't rescued one of the dogs on Wednesday, it may not have made it through the night. And because of how bad their health is, they are asking for donations to help with their care.

The two dogs, Boo and Snicker, were taken around 12:30pm. Boo is the healthier of the two and was able to stand on her own, but Snicker is not doing so well.

Sgt. Kacy Carter with Jessamine County Animal Control is working the case, and she says Snicker wasn't even able to lift his head when they approached him.

"This dog had to be literally carried to the truck," she said. "When we sat him in there we tried to stand him up, but he immediately fell forward and collapsed."

Deputy Director Frank Ruggerio says Boo is now at the Jessamine County Animal Shelter, but Snicker is still at a vets office receiving treatment.

"It's something that didn't happen overnight, it's been a long process that these animals have not been fed on a consistent basis," he said.

Animal control officers have filed a criminal complaint for two counts of second degree animal cruelty against the dog's owner, Vickie Madden.

Madden tells WKYT that she had been feeding the dogs both dog food and table scraps. She said she had thought about giving them away but didn't know anyone in the area.

Sgt. Carter says the person who contacted them to report the dog's condition most likely saved Snicker's life.

"It was bad, it was just a bad all around condition and something needed to be done immediately."

Animal care and control anticipates care for both dogs will be very expensive because of how bad their health is. They're accepting donations at their website to help offset the cost.

Both dogs were surrendered to animal care and control. They say it could be some time before either of them is ready for adoption.

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