WKYT Investigates: Bad vibrations, Lexington neighbors want to quiet local night club

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington nightclub has received more than a dozen citations in less than two months, because of the vibrations and noise coming out of the club and being felt and heard inside homes nearby.

WKYT's investigations team was with police last week, when they served another citation to Cosmic Charlie's after a neighbor along Aurora Avenue called police complaining about the noise.

Cosmic Charlie's sits on National Avenue, where many old buildings have been made new again. Chad Walker and his family own the land. They leased to Cosmic Charlie's late last year. Chad Walker told WKYT's Miranda Combs his family is stuck in the middle of this noise debate. He said he's holding Cosmic Charlie's feet to the fire though, to get the sound issue resolved.

"It's totally disrupted our lives," said Aurora Avenue Neighbor David Bartley. "It's not the growth that's offensive," Bartley said in reference to the economic development for National Avenue. "It's the type of growth," he said. "It's not a typical bar or nightclub. It's a concert venue in a small wooden tin building."

Attorney Preston Worsley represents Cosmic Charlie's. "They've spent significant time and money improving the venue since they became aware of the problem," he told WKYT's Miranda Combs.

Cosmic Charlie's is zoned as a 'live music venue' therefore from a zoning standpoint, they aren't doing anything wrong. However, there is a Lexington law that says any time the noise crosses a dwelling unit boundary, then that is a violation of the law. "We have dispatched officers and we have issued multiple citations based on those officers observations that Cosmic Charlie's music was in violation of the ordinance," explained Lexington Police Lt. Matt Brotherton.

"Their big issue right now is making sure they are good neighbors and resolve whatever issues they have," Worsley told Combs. "They are going door to door talking to neighbors. They are doing doing what you would do when you have any dispute with a neighbor, you talk about it."

But Bartley said Cosmic Charlie's isn't being a good neighbor. He said if the club was serious about fixing the sound disturbances, they'd shut down the club until it was resolved.

"Is there a fix?" Combs asked Bartley.

Bartley replied, "I worry that if they are allowed to continue that our property values will plummet. Our quality of life is already deteriorated. I can't imagine it getting any worse."

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