Bryan Station searching for bounce-back season

Bryan Station could be sitting on a bounce-back season.

After struggling through a 4-7 season a year ago, Bryan Station firmly believes this group of Defenders could be the surprise of the city.

However, the speed and athleticism may not be the strength of the team.

"It's probably the first year since I've been there we really got more lineman that can do more things than the actual skill kids," coach Frank Parks said.

"We can be as good as we want to be," offensive lineman Michael Thomas said. "It all starts with us."

Junior Jalen Burbage returns at quarterback. As a sophomore, Burbage admits the speed of the game was an adjustment. Now, he's comfortable and ready to go.

"Yeah, the screen game really helped me, because last year I was a little nervous in the pocket," Burbage said. "This year, coach Parks and I have been working in the pocket, my footwork and getting used to being in the pocket. So it should be a better year this year."

Station plays arguably the toughest schedule in the state and they are ready for an incredible challenge.

Yeah we've got Belfry, we've got Male, we've got Scott county and we've got Lafayette," Parks said. "So it's all of the same teams, just we're going to see who wants to win more and we're going to try and outwork them."

"We've just got to be on the same page this year," cornerback William Mitchell said. "Hey, I'm telling you, once everything comes together, we're going to be a great team."

"I see us in a regional championship game, if they are willing to compete every day and practice," Parks said.

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