Douglass prepared for inaugural football season

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Douglass Stallions begin their football history two weeks from Saturday.

For the first time in a little more than 25 years, Lexington has a new public high school to contend with. Comprised of players from around the city, this team is not your ordinary first year club.

"You know you've got a lot of guys who started up at other programs," coach Brian Landis said. "We are pulling from three schools and a lot of these guys were starters at their former schools and some are trying to crack into the starting lineup, so we've got a good mix right now."

Montaveon Bean will be the starting quarterback. Bean with split time at Henry Clay with two others, but Landis sees untapped potential.

"He's getting better every single day and he brings an element to the game a lot of teams don't have with running ability. He will surprise you with the way he can throw it as well," Landis said.

The Stallions have talent everywhere. Jefferson Harkless will be at running back, Haiden Hunt at wide receiver, Dayton LeBlanc on the defensive line and Fre'Derick Jewett at linebacker just to name a few.

"This is a major all-star team, I think," LeBlanc said. "Everybody here, they have experience. We have young guys, but those young guys played varsity the year before. We all just came together with an all-star coaching staff and we're just going to ball."

Landis knows defense - it's what he played or has coached his entire career. But how good is the Stallions defense right now?

"The defense is special," Harkless said. "The defense has a whole bunch of dogs that know what they're doing and they get after it. They're dirty and that's what you want out of a defense."

In the inaugural season of Douglass football, is too much to think the Stallions could ride into Kroger Field in December?

"So I think that is a realistic goal for ourselves," LeBlanc said. "Many people don't think it is, but we believe in ourselves, we believe in our coaches, and we have the work ethic to do so."

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