Dunbar puts a priority on defense

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The coaching staff changed for Dunbar last season, but the number of wins stayed the same. Head coach Chris Mullins says the 3-8 season could have been much different if it wasn't for a few close games.

"We were in a lot of games last year," said head coach Chris Mullins. "I don't know if it was just conditioning or mental toughness and we lost some games in the 4th quarter. So we've been doing mental toughness drills to try to help us conditioning wise too, to make sure we finish games as well."

Every player has a least favorite mental toughness drill.

"Gassers, definitely gassers," said linebacker Cole Haney. "Those are pretty bad."

"Probably the snake," said linebacker Tyler Browning. "We got to go up and down every five yards, sprint, shuffle backpedal all the way up the field."

"It starts in the offseason and I didn't get here until June last year," said Mullins. "So it's nice to be here for really my first offseason. So in some ways we consider this the first year of the program."

The Bulldogs are trying to replace quite a few players lost to graduation or transfer.

"We're a brand new football team," said Mullins. "We're returning like two guys on offense, like three guys on defense. So buying into what we're doing, they've done that."

The first priority at Dunbar is defense.

"I think our main focus is just defense toughness," said Browning. "It's going to help us win games. If we have a tough defense we will be fine."

On offense the Bulldogs are looking for ways to run the football and set up their junior quarterback for success.

"Part of that's going to be being able to run the football, being able to throw screens," said Mullins. "High percentage throws and playing good defense."

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