Gilliam takes over at West Jessamine

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There's a new voice leading the West Jessamine football team. John Gilliam comes over from Boyd County. He's a longtime defensive coordinator at Morehead State and had to make the adjustment from the college game to high school.

"I think it's probably the biggest thing a high school coach, adjustment from a college coach is you're not out and getting say a quarterback," said Gilliam. "You've got to kind of adjust what your scheme is and your system is according to what kids you have."

Gilliam has liked what he sees so far from the players on his roster.

"We've got some agile type kids and good size kids," said Gilliam. "Not real small and real skinny kids. They've got some decent size on them."

Gilliam hopes to use that size to run the ball in a wish-bone like offense.

"What we would prefer offensively is the flex bone. If you're familiar with college football, some of the Navy look. So we're going to try to run it. Now can we run it? I don't know?"

West Jessamine hasn't had a winning season since 2010, and Gilliam knows how important it will be to change the program's culture.

"I think that's where we're at from a program standpoint is trying to teach those guys that you can go a little harder. You can work a little longer than what you think you can, and that's probably the biggest thing that I'm finding right now."

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