Golden Lions look to control the ball in 2016

Garrard County enters 2016 coming off a 7-5 season but Jerry Perry's team is limited with thin numbers on the roster.

"We don't have many numbers at all, we've got about 32-33 players, but it's good," said running back Jacob Foley. "We don't need that many players. We've got the people we need, so we'll just go from there."

While small in numbers, the Golden Lions are enormous in spots and they have been for some time now. How big are they?

"Turn the camera over there and you'll see how big they are," said Foley. "Just look over there and you'll see how big they are. They're pretty big. They're pretty good. I'm confident in them. I believe in them and I'm going to follow them, I know that."

Jacob Foley is the preseason district player of the year and will be the target of every team's defense. Garrard's ground and pound style has to control the game.

"We have to be a very methodical type team," said head coach Jerry Perry. "When you've got 30-some kids, you're not going to go out there and doing anything crazy. You've got to get it to the 4th quarter of games and hopefully have a chance to win at that point."

Defensively the pride of Lancaster will be big up front, but more work is needed in the backfield.

"Our secondary is going to have to step it up," said tight end Jareth Davis. "I'd say that's where our defense needs to work. We've got a big front so we will be good up front."

"Everything looks good to me, I think. Everything looks good to the only thing we need to work on is being more in tune in practice and working a little bit harder in practice. But other than that I think we're pretty good."


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