Tates Creek says they could be a "dangerous" team in 2017

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Tates Creek has never lacked in confidence.

"I tell you what, last year we were on a mission," said senior linebacker Cam Stewart. . "This year it is our goal to run the city and we are going to run this town."

To do just that, the Commodores spent the entire off-season in the weight room and not on the field.

"For the first time in three years, we decided we were going to lift weights for six months hopefully to get everybody stronger, especially the guys up front," said confident 4th year coach Antoine Sims. "We are returning every starter from last season, upfront on the offense of side of the football and it would help the skill position to help them get strong as well as placing them with the track team to work on the speed aspect of the game."

Luke Duby is battling incumbent Cam Workman at quarterback. Workman had 2,200+ and 26 touchdowns last year, but 1,800 of those yards and 21 of those touchdowns graduated. Jackson Beerman, Turner Gentry and Elijah Johnson were key losses. Sims knows replacing these guys will be tough.

"Not a lot of those guys coming in have a lot of experience on Friday night with the exception of Bell, Jared Bauer, and Jaden Baird. The new guys mixed in there hopefully will get comfortable enough to get in and fill in their shoes."

Senior cornerback J.D. Hawkins likes what he is seeing from the receivers returning.

"Jaden Baird and Darryl Bell are putting in hard work to and are catching balls and I have not seen a drop the ball out of Darryl in a couple of weeks. I mean he's doing great."

Three-year starter Laron Warner does return at running back and Sims is glad he's back.

"His instinct is unbelievable. His vision on the field is on believable. His ability to make people miss is special."

"This year I feel like we are starting to come together as a team and a unit. I feel like we see what our potential is and where we can go and achieve."

"If we stay healthy, I think we can be a very dangerous football team."

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