Team chemistry could play factor in Boyle's return to glory

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Boyle County began last season 0-3, but won seven of their last nine. If the rumors are true, that this Boyle team is outstanding, they have to be a cohesive unit.

"I think all of that plays into the team chemistry," coach Chuck Smith said. "I know you don't win the state championship unless you have team chemistry. So I'm really excited about these guys and the senior class."

The Rebels return nearly two dozen seniors, including Kaden Gervacio and Mitchell Paycheck, who combined for 229 tackles and 18 interceptions.

The defense may lead the way early, as a 3-way battle for the QB job is underway.

"Our defense is a lot stronger this year," Gervacio said. "We have more speed this year on the secondary level, plus our guys on the line are a lot more aggressive this year. Our middle linebackers are more of a headhunter type."

It's no secret that speed has never been a strong suit of the Rebels football program, but that could be starting to change.

"Oh yeah, we're definitely fast this year," lineman Will Bramel said. "We've got a bunch of younger skill guys, especially the freshman and sophomore class this year. They are faster and can compete skill-wise with anybody in the state."

If Boyle County is to live up to its lofty expectations, the Rebels must believe in its motto this year -- "Through the Wall".

"They get to a point where it gets hard and they're tired, and they can't go through that wall," lineman Mitchell Paycheck said. "This year we are really trying to change that, and that's why our motto is through the wall."

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