The Doctor comes to 'WIN'chester to cure the Cardinals

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) The last time Clark County had a winning season was way back in 2009. In January, Dr. Oliver Lucas was hired as the new coach and he has a serious football resume'. That has the Cardinals pumped.

"We can tell is going to be special," says quarterback Pierce Nesbit. "I mean there is something in the persona of his voice and the way you talk to us. I mean he has really good plans and you can see that every program he goes to it spikes and we are really looking forward to that."

Offensive lineman Ben Jackson agrees there has been a serious attitude adjustment. "Well there is a lot of excitement. You can just tell by the numbers out here that last year we finish the season with, I think, 30 players and now we've got probably about 110 players out there right now. So it's just a real excitement going on."

It may not be that many players, but the numbers are amazing. Lucas is direct to the point on what the Cardinals want to do on both sides of the football.

"As far as defensively, we are going to be a three for defense. Offense of Lee, it's West Coast. So we want to get the ball in and out of our hands, we want to zone scheme in regards to the running game. And basically just get after it."

Lucas coached the running backs at Colorado during the 1990 national championship season. He is ready to put the 'WIN' back in Winchester.

"We're not trying to think too far ahead," believes linebacker Jehdon Jenkins. "We're just trying to get 1-0, then 2-0, and then 3-0. We're going to surprise some people for sure."

Austin Blair is alongside Jenkins in the linebacking corps and he wants a trip to Lexington and to play in December.

"I just can't wait. I mean all in our mind, all we want to focus on is a state championship. It's the biggest thing. It's it's the biggest goal and biggest mindset and we've got to have it."

Lucas, who most recently spent six years as head coach at duPont Manual in Louisville, has a career record of 173-73. He likes what he has seen in his short time in Winchester.

"They are hard workers. They are lunch pail kids. They are not your suit and tie (guys). They are just good ol' farm boys and just want to get after it. And do the things they need to do in order to get a win."

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