Burglar breaks into Lexington pharmacy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Around 2 o'clock Monday morning, police said a man broke into the C and C Pharmacy in Lexington.

Police said the man was wearing a hoodie, and to get inside the store he through a rock through a window. Once he got inside, he stole pain medication in both pill and liquid form before running off.

The store has a security system with a motion detector, which triggered police to come out to the store after the alarm company saw someone moving around inside the store.

The store's owner said the damage to the building would cost more than replacing the items that were stolen. Despite the break-in, he chose to keep the store open today.

According to police, a similar incident happened at the same pharmacy about a year ago. However, in that case, someone broke a window to go inside, but the person did not steal anything.

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