Pulaski Co. burglary victim catches suspected thief in the act


Investigators plan to outline their case against a Pulaski County man facing a burglary charge next week.

Roger Harris faces charges because police say he tried to break into Christopher Warren's house.

Sheriff's deputies say Warren caught Harris in the act trying to break through a window.

When Warren confronted Harris deputies say he ran off, but was found later at his home.

Harris told us he did nothing wrong.

A preliminary hearing is set for Monday, August 18th.

A southern Kentucky man faces a burglary charge after investigators say a home owner caught him crawling through his window.

Roger Harris, 27, of Somerset, is charged with 2nd degree burglary.

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office arrested Harris after they say the victim cornered him in another home.

Deputies say Christopher Warren told them someone broke into his home last weekend and stole several firearms. Warren said he had reason to believe the suspect would come back the next night, so he told police he acted like no one was home and waited for the thief to come back.

Deputies say Warren called 911 the next night and said he confronted a man who he caught crawling through one of his windows.

"Uh, yes sir, I called this morning about a break in. I stayed home from work today. I caught him trying to break in today, he just now ran off," Warren told the dispatcher.

When police arrived to the trailer park on highway 2277 Warren told investigators the suspect was hiding in a neighboring trailer. After getting a search warrant, Deputies say they found Harris hiding in the home. Harris tells WKYT he is innocent.

"Said I was trying to burglarize his home and everything like that. They came in with search warrants, saying there was guns taken out of the man's home. They tore my home up, ransacked it. They arrested me over me not wanting to be cooperative," said Harris, after being released from the Pulaski County Detention Center on an ankle bracelet.

Warren identified Harris as the thief.

"I know exactly where he lives. He lives right across the way from me," Warren told the dispatcher.
"You know who it was?" the dispatcher asked.
"His name is Roger. He is still over here right now," said Warren.

"I have had some words with my neighbors. I don't know if it is over that or not. It will come to an end one way or another," said Harris.

So far, Harris has not been charged in the original burglary, that investigation continues.

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