Accused Murderer On The Run From Authorities In Central Kentucky

A wanted man who has been living in Georgetown for several weeks has made a quick exit, but left his calling card behind.

The calls started pouring in to Scott County Sheriff Bobby Hammons' office after William Greer's cover was blown over the weekend when America's Most Wanted featured him on its TV show.

The 41-year-old Greer is a suspect in the December shooting death of his girlfriend, Tammy Esquivel in Cleveland, Texas. Since the homicide, Greer has reportedly been seen in Georgia and New Orleans in addition to Kentucky.

Since living in Georgetown the past six weeks, the sheriff's department reports Greer got a job in construction, got baptized at a local church and even rented an apartment across from the police department. He also began dating several women in the area. Hammons said investigators are contacting and interviewing them now.

Authorities obtained a search warrant and entered Greer's abandoned residence Monday where they found a cowboy hat upside down with a marble in it. Hammons says a similar hat with a marble was left in New Orleans when he fled from there.

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