Man Pistol-Whipped During Home Invasion

It was a frightening situation for a Lexington man as intruders force their way into his home on Short Street.

The victim, Michael Mills, says he was sleeping in his bed when three men jumped on him and put a gun to his head.

Mills was beaten and pistol-whipped by the three strangers in his own home.

"I was face-down the entire time. The only thing I asked them to do is not hurt my dog," Mills told 27NEWSFIRST.

During the attack, Mills says the three ransacked his apartment searching for a safe. Police say one of the suspects was wearing a cheap Halloween skull mask.

"They were in here for about 15 minutes and when I didn't have anything they wanted, they took off," said Mills.

The three armed suspects sped off in a black SUV. Mills says he can't understand why the men attacked him and says there was no reason for the crime.

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