Students Call For Halt To Logging Plan

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - University of Kentucky students turned out last night, calling for the administration to abandon its plan to log a section of the E.O. Robinson forest in eastern Kentucky.

More than 100 people gathered at the White Hall Classroom Building to discuss UK's plan that the administration says will provide financial support for the Robinson Scholars Program. They say it will also provide an opportunity to study the ecological effects of logging.

Opponents fear that the logging to begin next month will lead to the destruction of the forest and eventually to mining on the property that E.O. Robinson gave to UK in 1923. The logging's effect on the forest's waterways and biodiversity particularly worries them.

The proposal calls for more than 800 acres of the 15,000-acre forest in Breathitt, Knott and Perry counties to be logged. An environmental student group sponsoring the discussion argued against the plan and said it sees no benefit from disturbing the land. Some of the members of UK Green Thumb also expressed displeasure with the university's perceived unwillingness to consider dismissing or altering the plan.

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