Speeding driver kills 30 sheep

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) - A speeding driver has killed almost an
entire flock of sheep, fatally injuring at least 30 as they crossed
a highway in eastern Macedonia.
Shepherd Dejanco Mihajlovski said blood was spattered across the
highway after the driver ran through the sheep at 100 kilometers
(62 miles) per hour.
Police said the driver, a 53-year-old identified only as B.G.,
wasn't hurt but his car was destroyed.
Police said 30 sheep were killed. But Mihajlovski told Channel 5
TV that 37 of his animals died. Local media estimated their value
at euro3,500 ($4,555).
Police said they were investigating, and B.G. could be charged
for speeding in an area where the limit is 50 kilometers per hour.
The shepherd might face charges for having sheep on a highway.

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