Pets police say were abandoned at Corbin store find new home at school

A Degu by the name of “Santiago” has a new home, amidst more than a dozen 4th graders at Corbin Elementary.

Santiago, and several other small animals, are now residing at the school, about 2 weeks after police say the owner of Pet Kingdom closed up shop and left the animals without food or water. Several of them died, but the Degu, several chinchillas and others survived.

“It was actually our science teacher’s idea to see if there was any way that the school might be able to help foster some of the animals,” says 4th grade teacher Liberty Roberts.

It’s been a learning experience for everyone.

“We learned today he takes a bath in the sand,” said student Cole Shelton

“It does have feet problems, can only chew certain toys, I do know that,” said student Shalees Day.

Police have cited the owner of the pet store to court, and the animals will stay at the school until the legal process is finished.

But many hope that they stay for good.

“And they (children) have really taken it upon themselves to look up on the Internet what all the animals need for care, they are also responsible for helping to feed the animals,” said Roberts.

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