Stolen manhole covers cause concern

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Two recent sewer manhole covers were reported stolen and have since been replaced, while police look for the thieves they know they're lucky no one fell in and got hurt.

Police and a local metal scrap yard both say the manhole covers are worth next to nothing by themselves.

A local business, The Richmond Scrap Iron, says they will pay $50 a ton for cast iron, meaning the 145 pound covers are worth $3.62 at their business.

Police and the utility company are also concerned about the holes left uncovered. The manholes can be three to 15 feet deep.

One of the two covers reported stolen was on the sidewalk on West water street in front of The Player's Club.

Chief Larry Brock says, "If you were walking along, not paying attention, having a conversation, you could easily fall in the hole and not even notice."

Another manhole cover was missing in a field at an Industrial Park on Duncannon Lane.

Police estimate it to cost $345 to replace the covers. Police say they've checked with the local metal scrap yards but have not recovered the stolen property and made no arrests.

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