Heating & Air employees taking precautions while keeping you cool

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It's been a scorcher for folks across the state making it dangerous to just be outside even for a short time. For some who have to work in it, they are taking precautions when beating the heat.

On this hot summer day people are trying to find ways to beat the heat, but for some they have to be out in it.

"We've been going 7 days a week and have two dozen technicians that are out there. Typically our day starts at 7:30 in the morning and we'll still be receiving calls somewhere around 11:30 or midnight," says Chuck Cowing, the Chief Operating Officer with Fayette Heating & Air.

"Many nights I've loaded up at 2 or 3 in the morning and come out to work on air conditioners," says Josh Reece with Fayette Heating & Air.

People are scrambling to stay cool during this heat, keeping employees at Fayette Heating & Air busy.

"When it gets as hot as it is for as long as its been this hot it's common," says Chuck Cowing.

Even they are having to take precautions when working on units in the attic area of homes.

"The attic temperatures are reaching 160 degrees, 170 degrees and that can have a negative effect on any of the equipment that's up there. It's very dangerous and we want to keep our guys in pairs," says Chuck Cowing.

"So we try to get to those as early as possible. It's a little difficult but we get through it," says Josh Reece.

They're making sure those keeping you cool are also safe in this heat.

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