Old Corbin Hospital Will Soon Be Demolished

Windows busted out, and others boarded up. The old Corbin hospital that was once the place everyone went for health care is now a big problem.

And it's something that Melissa Helton has to look at every time she opens her front door.

"It looks horrible. It's an eyesore and I just wish somebody would tear it down," said Melissa Helton, who lives across the street from the 50 year old structure.

Her wish is about to come true. Governor Fletcher delivered a half million dollars Wednesday to pay for demolition and environmental cleanup. The hospital opened in the fifties but closed in the mid 80's. And since then, it's been nothing but trouble.

"Kids are always playing around in and out of it. Somebody is going to get hurt," says Richard Hann of Corbin.

There's lots of asbestos in the building and some of the grant money will be used to remove it.

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