Phone service restored to most AT&T customers

After several hours without service, phones are now ringing again for most AT&T cell phone customers in the Lexington area.

Many customers say they lost service around 10, or earlier, Thursday morning.

By 3 Thursday afternoon, AT&T officials said service to most customers had been restored.

AT&T officials say the outage affected both 2G and 3G customers.

The following is a statement from AT&T spokesperson Cathy Lewandowski that 27 NEWSFIRST received Thursday afternoon:

"Our 2G and 3G wireless customers in Lexington were experiencing a temporary service interruption while placing or making phone calls earlier this morning in the Lexington and Nicholasville, KY areas. AT&T technicians are on site, investigating the root cause of this morning's service interruption.
We will work with each customer affected by the service outage to reach a solution that addresses their specific situation and the impact the service outage may have had on their services from AT&T."

For more information, AT&T customers are being told to dial 611 on their cell phones, or call 800-331-0500 (mobility service), 888-757-6500 (residential service), or 866-620-6000 (business service).

Many customers had been using their land line phones to call 611, which when called on a cell phone, goes to customer service.

But when called on a land line phone, 611 is rerouted to 911 instead.

Police dispatchers in Lexington and surrounding areas say they received many calls Thursday meant for AT&T customer service agents. They ask people not to dial 611 on their land line phones, unless it is a true emergency.

AT&T officials say once service is restored, customers can call AT&T Customer Service for a possible credit, because of the outage.

Meanwhile, a problem in Georgia affected Windstream customers in Kentucky as well Thursday morning.

A disruption between two switches caused an interruption of service.

Service to all Windstream customers was restored by noon Thursday.

We're told the AT&T and Windstream outages were not related.

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